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Making your way through the LAX Airport to connect to your International flight Down Under

When you travel “down under” you most likely will travel through the Los Angeles International Airport or LAX.  If you haven’t done this before, it can be intimidating.

Here are just some basic steps you need to do to get to the International Terminal (this is where QANTAS, Air New Zealand, Fiji Airways and Virgin Australia depart and arrive.

  1. You arrive at LAX on the second floor, you make your way to the first floor and will depart from the ground floor (baggage area).  After collecting any bags (if you didn’t check them through to your destination), you will exit the terminal.
  2. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, I usually take Alaska or Delta, so my arrival is either terminal or 6 for Alaska, and 5 for Delta. But check the map for your carrier.
  3. Once outside, you can either walk to Tom Bradley International Terminal or take the shuttle which runs counter clockwise

NOTE:  LAX is shaped like a U with Terminals 1,2,3, on the right side, Terminal B, or Tom Bradley Terminal (bottom of the U) and then terminals 5,6,7,8 on the left.


If you look at a map, it makes getting to the B terminal easier. Check your air itinerary it should say at which terminal your carrier should depart and arrive.

  1. Look for the Blue Sign for the Airport Shuttle-airline connection.

The other shuttles will not work.

  1. I find 3 hours between flights going and returning has been enough time to change terminals.  Two hours may not be enough, especially in winter with the extra delays.
  2. When you get on the Coach, travel to Tom Bradley Terminal or B. When you get off the coach, you are on the ground floor or departure area of Tom Bradley Terminal. Go inside, you need to go to the elevators either to your Right or Left located in the front corner of the terminal. You need to go up to the 2nd floor to the Arrivals hall.
  3. Proceed to your carrier, and check into your flight.

Luggage:  the carriers do weigh both your carryon and your checked bag.  Make sure they are not over weight, you who will either (1) Be repacking on the airport floor or (2) Pay a lot for extra weight

  1. Once you get checked in, proceed through security, then continue to your gate.  Now you can shop, eat or whatever depending on the time of your departure!


Happy Flying to your destination!


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Have you ever dreamed of life in the Outback? Not life as in total relocation, but life as in a chance to experience all that Australia has to offer. Imagine an Australian travel package tailored to your needs. If you have a travel agent who’s attentive, this  is  exactly the trip you get.

So what is it about Australia that makes us all want to experience the land down under?

  • Lush terrain
  • Abundant wildlife
  • Giant rock formations
  • White sands
  • Sparkling tropical waters
  • Panoramic horizons
  • Cascading waterfalls

Do you really have to ask why you should go to Australia? As one of the organizers of the first ever Social Media Boot Camp for Lawyers, Adrian Dayton, says, “why do I go to Australia? Because I can. We only get one chance to live this life, so we might as well choose where we want to spend it. I encourage everybody else to do the same.”

So, let’s work out the perfect Journeys Down Under trip for you. Are you ready?

Let’s focus on getting wild in Tasmania!

This is a vacation for you independent types. Those who would like to drive the wild Outback. Over the course of six days, you will drive from Hobart to Launceston .

On that drive your will travel through the very heart of Tasmiania to the village of Strahan (suggesting you check out the Strahan link to tripadvisor to find out some of the fun things you can do while visiting Strahan, Australia). Once you leave Strahan, you will arrive at Cradle Mountain Lodge with some of the most breathtaking scenery and the finest food and accommodations in this part of Australia.  After an restful stay at Cradle Mountain, you’re off on the road again on your way to Launceston (this is a wonderful journal entry on Launceston, Australia.).

Enjoy yourself. And see you when you get home!

Like what you see? Then please join Journeys Down Under and Travel Leaders on Tuesday May 3rd at 7:oo P.M. This is an amazing opportunity to hear from Michael Power with Qantas Vacations and expert on all things Down Under. Spend the evening with us at the Spokane Quality Inn Valley Suites  tasting Australian foods and competing for door prizes. Call Donna White at 509. 327.9585 extension 348 for more information on visiting Australia and knowing where to start, what states and territories are the go to places. We’ll even toss in a little information on New Zealand and Fiji to give you the full Down Under experience!

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