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Welcome to Journeys Down Under. Through my blog, the unique features of the South Pacific area, the people, flora and fauna, and places will be shared. You will realize not one, but many journeys to the South Pacific are needed to experience all it has to offer.  The word “Journey” is defined: 1. as a trip or expedition from one place to another: 2. a gradual passing from one personal state to another regarded as more advanced; and 3. to travel to a place or over a particular distance.  So many people have returned from “down under’ with a changed out look on their lives for the better. A journey to these countries can be magical indeed.

My most often asked question is which country should I visit if I can only visit one  – New Zealand or Australia?  Unfortunately these are two different countries, and a short stop over in each does not really let you see the real country or meet the people.  Both countries are beautiful with their own distinct personalities.

New Zealand has two large islands, the North and South.  Both were formed by plate tectonics. The North Island’s geothermic pressures caused the geothermal active areas and volcanoes and have shaped the lives of the northern New Zealanders and the Maori people.  The South Island was formed by plates thrusting together and up thus forming the high mountain ranges and the fiords.

Australia is an expansive and diversified country as large as the continuous mainland states of the USA.  Tropical areas some including the oldest rainforests on earth, spectacular wildlife habitat, ranging from the high stone plateaus to forest woodland, savanna-like flood plains doted with billaboungs, mangrove-fringed estuaries to coastal beaches, mountains, lakes, gorges and metropolitan areas.

Depending on your personal needs, tastes, and wants would determine which country I would advise you to see first.

Come with me as we journey down under…

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